Government Ministries

In an increasingly digital world where access to high-speed networks means access to e-commerce, video streaming, employment, and distance education; FibreNet can help create new economic opportunities, jobs, products, and services for everyone with our enhanced network services.


Government Ministries

One of the key criteria residents and businesses often use in deciding whether to locate in a region or community is the quality of Government services within that community.

Axia FibreNet allows government offices and ministries to communicate effectively and efficiently, both locally and globally by enabling:

  • Effective and efficient delivery of a wide range of e-government services to residents.
  • Secure and reliable communication with multiple offices at one time, sharing documents and images, and having real-time access to data.
  • Connecting with government professionals from around the world through videoconferencing, allowing sharing of ideas, policy discussions, and collaboration on joint initiatives, all from a local office.
  • Maintenance of central databases and secure sharing of information over a dedicated, virtual private network, eliminating the delays, and security risks faced on a public network.


Government Ministies