Alberta FibreNet Coverage Area

In order to create a competitive market place in rural Alberta, we have focused our business on areas where access to high bandwidth fibre infrastructure did not previously exist.

Today, you can find more competition in rural Alberta than Calgary or Edmonton. Our success is our ability to develop and deliver networks using the most technologically advanced, expertly engineered fibre technology to provide customers with superior performance and control.

FibreNet’s reach extends to all four corners of the province connecting over 429 communities with over 13,000km of fibre connectivity and 2,000km of wireless connections. This digital infrastructure gives Albertans the opportunity to take advantage of Axia FibreNet services with enterprise, residential, carrier and government solutions through high quality next generation broadband, which are necessary to compete and participate in today’s connected world. Axia has invested in an additional 3,500km of fibre, building an interconnected grid of fibre rings – making the FibreNet accessible to all.

Alberta Coverage

In our coverage area?

If your site is in a connected community then it is easy for us to provide you with a FibreNet solution. Contact us and one of our Account Executives will get back to you.

Out of our current coverage area?

If you are close to our fibre network, Axia will provide you with an estimate on the costs associated with connecting you to the network. Once you are connected, FibreNet solutions are at your fingertips! Contact us and one of our Account Executives will get back to you.