Axia has experience engineering high performance, pure fibre networks in several countries across the world.

Our differentiated approach of focusing on fibre transport and giving the end customer their choice of web services offers the ultimate control. We work with both private sector and government stakeholders to leverage resources and reduce the initial capital cost of network builds, which allows our partners to deliver infrastructure to under-served regions. By focusing on delivering new services to market to meet customer needs and connecting new customers to our networks, we have proven our repeatable model of network connectivity solution internationally.

Our networks all deliver services over high performing fibre, making them responsive and scalable for the demands of the digital age. We offer guaranteed bandwidth up to 10 Gbps with symmetrical speeds up and down with no caps on usage. Our pricing model is also transparent and baselined on major urban centres, ensuring the end customer gets exactly what they pay for.

Axia’s experience engineering networks extends as far as Singapore, Spain, France, and Massachusetts (USA) and currently has fibre networks in Alberta (Canada).



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