How to Become a FibreNet Community

How to Become a FibreNet Communit

How to Become a FibreNet Community

If you want the benefits of our fibre services brought to your community, we can help.

We’ll provide a clear and simple path for you to follow. We’ll work with you, bringing both business and resident’s interests together in a shared group that will work with us to make lightning speed, fibre connectivity a reality for your community.

Community Benefits of FibreNet

  • Differentiate Your Community - As the powerful momentum to move to the cloud continues to grow, robust and scalable connectivity will evolve from a luxury to a necessity for Albertan businesses.  This will keep existing businesses and attract new investment.
  • No Public Money - Axia will invest its own money to blanket the community with fibre infrastructure at no cost to the community.  This streamlines the relationship and allows the community to focus on engagement with its citizens relating to the culture of use. 
  • Retain and Attract the Next Generation - Generation Y grew up using the Internet to research, learn, communicate and for entertainment.  As applications and web services continue to evolve (particularly through younger users) young professionals must have a sustainable connection to live their lives.
  • Ultimate Reliability - The miniscule glass wires in Axia’s fibre allow the maximum number of information “highways” in one line, each with the highest carrying capacity possible. In emergency situations, a fibre network will stay active much longer than other technologies allowing communication for safety measures.
  • Increase Land Value - Many economic studies suggest that a fibre connection built to the premise can increase land value by $9,000 to $15,000 per lot.  The community could receive increased property taxes for community development. 
  • Show Action - Community leadership is a key driver in making Axia’s investment successful, ultimately showing strong action towards community sustainability and environmental responsiveness through telecommuting.  Axia services also provide an entrepreneurial platform for home businesses and web sector jobs.

How to become a FibreNet community?

  • Work with Axia to provide expeditious municipal approvals
  • Allow use of available duct infrastructure
  • Foster commitment of community stakeholders
  • Help facilitate culture of broadband use (ie. use of existing facilities for events, advertising space, hosting community meetings).



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