There was a time when companies used technology to develop and connect with new customer bases, but businesses that don’t move beyond that paradigm in the post-digital age risk being left behind. 

In the next five years, it’s estimated that cyber attacks could cost companies three percent in lost revenue growth. Canada is particularly vulnerable.

Get ready for the next technological disruptor. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way industries operate, and it will continue to do so as computers and machines become not just smarter but also more capable of autonomous thinking. To be clear, AI denotes intelligent behaviours that once required cognitive (human) function.

Thinking about investing in cloud computing for your business? Speed, convenience, security and flexibility are among the reasons to consider making the move.

Have an upcoming tradeshow, conference or another work event? Then you might be considering what to give your guests and attendees as a thank you gift or memorable schwag item.

The only constant is change — particularly with technology, where the pace of digital disruption happens at breakneck speed.

Here are a few of the top CRM platforms for small businesses to help you decide which is the best fit for your business.

We might not have jetpacks but we’re definitely living in the future. Plop down someone from 2009 or even five years ago and they would barely recognize the selfie-stick, fit-chip age we’re living in today.