At its core, a circular economy is a system that is restorative by design. It’s based on principles of elimination of waste, the distinction between consumable and durable components of a product, and the use of renewable energy to fuel this cycle. So which industries stand to benefit, and how can they leverage technology in switching over to a circular economy? Read on for more.

When it comes to convenience, today's customer never had it so good. That's why creating an emotional experience is key to differentiating your business.

Future of Money

Whether its Bitcoin, or one of many other altcoins, the coming cryptocurrency revolution is likely to disrupt sectors from finance and retail to media, education, and government. Learn how...

From ping-pong tables to in-house coffee-bars to catered lunches, companies expend a lot of money and effort on cultural amenities for their employees.

Manufacturing firms have been using robots on their assembly lines for decades. But in the coming years, more and more industries will be welcoming our robotic counterparts into their workforce. The result will be...

There was a time when companies used technology to develop and connect with new customer bases, but businesses that don’t move beyond that paradigm in the post-digital age risk being left behind. 

In the next five years, it’s estimated that cyber attacks could cost companies three percent in lost revenue growth. Canada is particularly vulnerable.

Get ready for the next technological disruptor. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way industries operate, and it will continue to do so as computers and machines become not just smarter but also more capable of autonomous thinking. To be clear, AI denotes intelligent behaviours that once required cognitive (human) function.


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