Nanton Alberta SuperNet Connection

Why all municipalities in Alberta should get on the SuperNet


While most IT decision-makers know fibre is faster than cable, other benefits are less known. Is this why some municipalities in Alberta have yet to discover the SuperNet?

In Alberta, 429 municipalities have access to the SuperNet, yet many have yet to take advantage of this high-performance network. To help municipalities understand the benefits of fibre, we've identified the top reasons to leverage a SuperNet connection, available through Axia’s Internet Gateway Service.  

When you purchase Axia’s Internet Gateway Service, your connection will not be shared. With options available that range from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps, you will not notice the Internet slowing down even during periods of high demand for access. 

Fibre offers significant reliability advantages over copper connectivity. Temperature fluctuations, severe weather conditions, and risks of interference from electronic or radio signals are all common ways you can lose your connection over copper. Fibre is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions and is resistant to electrical interference unless fibres are physically cut.

Unrestricted bandwidth is becoming the backbone of competitive and effective business protocol and you will gain flexibility and scalability with fibre Internet connectivity. For local businesses and service providers with high data transmission needs, it's relatively easy to "hit the cap" on cable Internet bandwidth and data. Axia’s Internet Gateway Service has no data cap, offers symmetrical speeds which do not decrease as high demands are put on the network.  

Municipal benefits 
Albertans living and operating businesses in rural communities benefit from robust Internet connections. These are necessary to keep pace with changing technology and the growing demand for new applications and services, including e-commerce, telemedicine, and e-learning. 

With an Internet Gateway Service connection, municipalities can:

  • Support economic growth and sustainability
  • Provide limitless data to essential services
  • Build infrastructure to offer public high-speed Wi-Fi to residents and tourists; and 
  • Mitigate loss of communication during a disaster situation.

For more information on our fibre connectivity solutions, contact your Axia salesperson at or 1-866-773-3348.