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VoIP for better communications in hospitality

Move over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephone services. By pairing VoIP technology with fibre to the premises (FTTP) infrastructure, you can offer them a level of communications services that previously were possible only in major urban centers. Even better, you can (now) do it for less.

In addition to providing best-in-class communications options for your guests, VOIP services can leverage your phone data to improve operational efficiency and refine marketing efforts.

Let’s talk about your guests

A comprehensive VoIP package includes unified communications such as audio and video conferencing, email and business short message service (SMS), which is a type of instant messaging. With FTTP, you have sufficient bandwidth to provide these services as well as webinar production as part of conference packages.  The ability to provide seamless unified communications will win you repeat conference bookings.

You can also offer a full suite of unified communications services through your business centre for recreational guests who need to keep in touch with the office. With a VoIP package that includes a mobile app, guests can create temporary mobile accounts so that they can call home for less regardless of where they are while staying with you. These extras make all the difference to customer satisfaction.

Unified communications have a less direct, but no less important, impact on guest satisfaction. In hotels where cellular reception is unreliable, mobile VoIP apps can connect to hotel WiFi allowing staff to communicate via text or instant messaging. This means staff can respond more quickly and effectively to customer requests.

Let’s talk about your operations

Many VoIP packages include call analytics options that can help you improve efficiencies and identify service issues and even make marketing decisions.

With advanced tools like speech analytics software, managers can analyze speech patterns and index certain keywords and phrases. Keyword searches can help you identify the most common cause of cancellations or the top complaint to the front desk. This kind of intelligence means you can solve customer service problems before they hurt your bottom line.

VoIP offers lots of ways to measure and refine your marketing efforts as well. You can mine call content for insights, identify call sources to gain a better understanding of your market, and even track individual campaign efforts.

You can assign a unique virtual phone number to a marketing campaign, which gives you an accurate measure of market response. You can then analyze the calls to that number for in-depth analysis.

Many VoIP systems integrate with hotel property management systems (PMSs). This means management can use a single dashboard to access phone analytics alongside bookings, housekeeping, financials, staffing, marketing, and more.

With reliable FTTP infrastructure, you can move all of your call and property management into the cloud. Not only does this mean you’ll save on your IT budget it also gives managers access to hotel intelligence no matter where they are. For multiple-property hotels, in particular, this means managers can make better decisions every day.

With VoIP, you can do all this – and more – for less because you don’t have to pay for each physical line. All calls use your FTTP broadband, which can be quickly scaled to accommodate increased volumes.

With FTTP broadband in place, you have numerous VoIP implementation options, many of allow you to use your current equipment by switching over to an IP-based public exchange (PBX) system. Investment in new phones will allow you to move all of these services into the cloud, and you can set up any combination of cloud and self-hosted system that makes sense for your business.

Regardless of which VoIP option you choose, you will see savings in a streamlined system with only a single, reliable infrastructure that supports all of your communication needs.

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