Fibre in Education

How fibre is shaping education

The education system is relying more and more on technology to enhance the learning experience for the next generation. Lesson plans are being delivered online while video and online content are becoming fundamental contributors to student learning, giving them a firsthand look at what is going on in our ever-changing world.

Alberta Education has seen transformational advancements in their capabilities since 2005 when the SuperNet was launched and funded by the Government of Alberta (GoA). Today, every student in Alberta has experienced the SuperNet for their entire schooling career. It’s 2017 and Alberta children are the most fortunate students across the country.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Compared to our neighbouring provinces, the SuperNet approach has generated savings in resources, time and costs across Alberta. The decision to move ahead with the SuperNet, and the hard work to make it what it is today, has been a top-down and bottom-up initiative with rewards that we are realizing now, and beyond – through the generations of the future.


ATLE’s Convergence Conference


In Axia's continuous support of Alberta Education, we are sponsoring this year's Convergence Conference. ATLE’s Convergence Conference is a place to be inspired by education technology implementations. Make sure to stop by Booth #220 from October 25 to 27, and say hello to your fellow Axian's!