High speed Wi-Fi Post Hotel

High speed Wi-Fi improves Post Hotel guest experience in Lake Louise

We've all been there before. You’re ready to check in, and check out. But "checking out" doesn’t necessarily imply that people want to leave all essential creature comforts at home.

Indeed, access to high-speed Wi-Fi on holidays isn't just about keeping engaged with business; people need Internet access for everything from reading their favourite books and publications online, to relaxing with games, Netflix, social media, music, staying in touch with loved-ones and more.

Andre Schwarz, co-proprietor of the Post Hotel in Lake Louise Alberta, says one of the first questions his hotel staff gets asked when guests are check in is: "'What’s the Wi-Fi password?' You cannot say 'I'm sorry – the Internet is down,' or people might (literally) check out. That’s how important it is to people."

According the Trip Advisors 2015 Trip Barometer, 74% of those surveyed in the study said Wi-Fi was the number one amenity that impacted their decision about where to stay.

Schwarz and his brother founded the tranquil Post Hotel in 1978. Since then, they have seen how technology plays a role in the guest experience and dictates the evolutionary path a hotel must follow if it wants to fulfill visitor expectations.

"First there was demand for phones and TV, now it’s almost inconceivable to have a hotel and not provide high-speed Internet accessibility," he adds.

But, the Post Hotel is not just any resort. Its location, nestled in the Rocky Mountains, in the middle of Banff National Park, makes bringing high-speed Internet to the property a challenge. Schwarz approached Axia FibreNet about establishing a high-speed fibre connection in 2013, which has allowed them to improve the overall experience for their customers and streamline administrative costs.

"You will always hear from guests if the Internet isn’t good. But since we’ve invested in Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) we have had no complaints. Axia has even been able to increase and improve our bandwidth over the years," Schwarz said.

Access to FTTP can be a major game-changer for many remote and rural businesses, such has hotels, across Canada. For Schwarz and the team at the Post Hotel, high-speed Wi-Fi means guests can spend more time on the property, relaxing and enjoying the picturesque historic Canadian location.

FTTP has also improved the Post Hotel's day-to-day business operations, from how they use technology in their top-rated restaurant, to bookkeeping, and streamlining check-in processes for guests on arrival.

Wi-Fi can be integral in improving operations throughout hotels in every aspect, from housekeeping (notifying staff when rooms are vacant or needing attention) to allowing guests to complete remote check-in and out, contacting the concierge, and controlling room technology such as lighting, climate, and entertainment systems.

For more information on our fibre connectivity solutions, contact your Axia salesperson at sales@axia.com or 1-866-773-3348.