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Four ways to cut costs with fibre

Time is money, and fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) Internet makes everything faster. It improves productivity and profit, providing businesses with new cost-saving opportunities never before possible. 

FTTP's fast data transfer means businesses can leverage technology tools such as cloud computing, big data and VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) to cut overhead, marketing, communications and expansion costs.

Save on software and storage with the cloud

Cloud computing allows businesses to have the latest in technology without costly equipment upgrades. New software can be implemented almost instantly, and storage easily scales to meet changing business needs.

In sectors like education, where the latest technology prepares students to compete in a fast-paced world and budget constraints mean every penny counts, scalable cloud software makes a lot of sense. With FTTP, free cloud tools such as Google for Education can be used in every classroom at the same time without creating latency issues.

FTTP provides the secure reliable bandwidth that businesses need to safely move storage to the cloud. Cloud backup happens automatically during operational downtime, so you save on staff costs, and cloud storage is scalable, so you don't have to anticipate organizational growth and buy more than you need today.

Save with data-driven decisions

According to McKinsey Quarterly, businesses that invest in Big Data tools and talent increased profits by an average of 6% within a year, and profits grow in subsequent years.  

In sectors like retail and banking, where customer insights are a valuable asset, big data is necessary to remain competitive. Soon only businesses able to rapidly transform data into actionable intelligence will stay in the game.

FTTP with symmetrical uploading and downloading speeds enables the transfer of large data sets for analysis in real-time or near real-time, enabling businesses to make every marketing and operations decision based on up-to-the-minute information.

Reduce communications costs with VoIP

With VoIP telephone services, businesses pay lower rates and have access to more communication options. Facilities such as hospitals or hotels with high call volumes can enjoy significant savings with VoIP, and with FTTP they can make the switch without compromising mission-critical data.

A typical VoIP contract includes additional services such as call forwarding and caller display at no extra cost. Many VoIP services come with voice-prompting options that allow organizations to prioritize calls efficiently, which means staff spends less time handling calls. For hospitals, this translates into improved patient care, and for hotels, it means better customers service.

The great thing about FTTP is that businesses can make the VoIP switch whenever they want, without additional infrastructure costs. Lines can be added without a technician visiting the site and added value services can be customized based on individual business needs.

Combine technologies for more savings

FTTP gives business the freedom to deploy any combination of cost-cutting technology tools and use them to their fullest. Businesses can combine VoIP services with enhancements such as teleconferencing with cloud computing tools to allow staff to telecommute.

Entrepreneur Magazine reports that businesses that allow their workers to telecommute half the time save up to $11,000 per year per person. With FTTP remote workers can securely and quickly access files on the network without compromising the bandwidth required for other business operations.

Telecommuting provides businesses with indirect savings as well. Because more workers want to telecommute, employers that provide this opportunity to their staff have higher retention rates.

In sectors like oil and gas, and agriculture, where field managers need to oversee operations, report to head office, and meet with stakeholders, telecommuting for meetings is ideal. Not only are travel expenses reduced, but also managers can spend less time on the road and more time in the field.

Whether you're looking for direct savings on tech or operations or you want to make changes to improve staff retention, FTTP provides the speed, security, and flexibility that enables you to deploy the technology tools that serve your business best.

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