Network Alert Centre


Phase 1 of the Network Alert Centre provides consolidated, real-time network status information when Axia detects broad network issues (10+ sites impacted). Axia is releasing initial functionality in Phase 1 of the Network Alert Centre to ensure we can collaboratively capture the comprehensive features and deliver timely information to appropriate users in Phase 2.

Phase 1 – Currently Available

  • Customers can view the location, start time, and reference number of broad network issues.
  • Customers will be automatically notified via email (upon opt in) when the issue starts and when all broad network issues related to their accounts have been resolved.
  • Customers may contact the NOC for information on Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Estimated Time of Repair (ETR) and further details of the issue.
  • If customers experience a service disruption during this phase that is an isolated issue (< 10 sites impacted), the NOC will contact the designated customer via telephone directly.

Phase 2 - November 2017

  • Alerts for all network issues impacting customer services, including both broad and isolated network issues.
  • Customers can view the ETA, ETR, and a description with important technical details of the issue.
  • Customers can also select to receive notifications when ETA and ETR are established.
  • Additional customer requirements through feedback received as part of Phase 1.

Opting In: If you would like to receive automated email notifications from Axia's Network Alert Centre, please make sure that your Network Alert Contact is up to date. This contact email or distribution list will be notified when Axia has detected a significant issue with the network.


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